Before I die

Let me start with saying I’m fine. I’m in perfect health. I just didn’t want to name this piece as my bucket list because I think it’s been a bit done to death (literally no pun intended but happened anyway – my bad!). I think everyone has a list of sorts of things that they would love to see/achieve/obtain before they head on to that great big circus in the sky.

So here’s some of mine….

1. Marriage equality in Australia.
It is really way overdue and it’s getting kind of ridiculous now. It’s a basic human right to unite yourself with the one you love so let’s just get on with it.

2. A career not just a job.
I promise you that I am working on this right now. I will get there, if I ever decide what I want to be if I ever grow up. That would be a start, right?

3. Acceptance.
Of not only myself and my flaws but of everyone else around me too. Being judgemental is one of my worst traits and I’m constantly working on beating that.

4. Peace.
This one is very important to me. To be able to lie my head down each night knowing everything is right with my world and even if it’s not I’m doing the best that I can and that’s OK. This is important and I will hopefully find it one day.

5. To see Paris, New York and maybe even Africa.
I’ve wanted to go to Paris for so long now that I can’t even remember why. I just know that it’s pretty much been number one on my hit list forever. New York calls me because, well, it’s New York. Do you need more than that? Yes? Well then how about the architecture or the arts? I just want to see it all. And Africa is because of the hippos. Obviously. But not to be eaten by one, just see one in its natural habitat.

6. To make a significant difference to someone’s life.
I’m not really sure of who or how yet. I think an opportunity will hopefully present itself one day and I’ll know what to say or do and maybe that person will look back over their life and think that I made some sort of important, positive impact on it.

7. Speak honestly all the time -irrespective of the personal cost.
I’ve always been fairly opinionated and most of the time I speak the truth quite openly. But sometimes I fall into this habit I have of putting someone else’s needs/wants ahead of my own and I go along with them. I need to stop this and keep to my own path more often.

8. A first edition copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.
It’s one of my favourite books and I would like to own a first edition copy. Signed would be even better but I’m not that greedy. Get me a legitimate first edition copy and you will have my unending love for all eternity.

9. To run 5km. Without stopping, vomiting, or dying.
Now this may seem like a small one to just about everyone in the world, but to me it’s big. Huge. See I would love to be a runner but I simply am not a runner. Being stability challenged does not mix well with rapid movements. But it kind of calls to me all the time in my day dreams. Don’t hold your breath though folks, I’m a realist.

10. To have someone, one day tell me that one of my ideas is great (and mean it).
I’m so used to people just being nice and telling me what they think I want to hear. And I have at least twenty really bad ideas before I even get out of bed so I’m aware that my ideas can be very much hit and miss. But to have someone, anyone, one day think one of my crazy ideas was a cracking good one? Priceless.

Well that just about does it for me. Obviously there is plenty more I could add in but these are some of the core ones that I think about when I realise that my life is pretty much already half way over. Sometimes it gives me the motivational kick in the arse that I need to get up and get going and sometimes I just cry into my coffee and give myself a bit of a pity party for being such a loser.

But what about you guys? Let me know some of yours. (Watch out though – if they’re any good I may just steal them!)


P.S. It goes without saying that marrying Dave Grohl is the real number one. He and I are definitely soul mates – we both know it. He still sends me messages in all his lyrics after all. It’s just with the pesky police and restraining orders that keep getting in the way of our love…..



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