What the world needs now is love, sweet love

I was amazed to find myself alive and relatively unchanged when I woke up this morning. “Why” do I hear you all asking? Well my dear friends let me tell you. Ireland decided to let same sex marriage be legally recognised and after lots of discussions I’ve had recently I was led to believe that it would signal the end of the world. And yet here we all still are. Breathing and stuff….

On a slightly more serious note let me just say “ARE YOU SERIOUS AUSTRALIA?” (Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout that.)

We let Ireland and New Zealand make this a fundamental right before us? We can no longer seriously expect to roll out the jokes about these guys now folks because it’s us who’s showing how dumb we are.

Now I know first-hand from chatting with a lot of people that the issue of same sex marriage is a contentious one. I also know that I’ve never yet heard a legitimate reason from anyone as to why it can’t be allowed to happen. But just for fun’s sake I’d love to share some of the best arguments against same sex marriage that I’ve been confronted with and my responses to them right now. I cross my heart promise that these are real arguments from real life people that I have spoken to about this topic. Here goes nothing…..

  1. “It undermines the true meaning of marriage and how sacred it is.”

I need two examples to shoot that one down in flames ladies and gents – Brittney Spears and Kim Kardashian. Done. Next?

  1. “If gay people can get married then they’ll let people marry anything they want too.”

This one leads me to think that you feel that gay people aren’t real people and that is a whole different article so let’s stay on the topic at hand. No. It. Won’t. See how hard and long gay people have been fighting to have this right recognised? Then just imagine how much harder you’ll have to fight to gain the right to marry your car. Or that tree you’re so fond of. Are you serious right now? Go be an ignorant idiot somewhere other than right next to me.

  1. “It will erode the fabric of our Catholic institutions.”

This one came about because I am a Catholic surrounded by quite a few other Catholics on a daily basis. And all I can say to this point is that the minute the Catholic church felt it was ok to let a whole load of priests rape children and then protect those monsters it basically destroyed anything of true value within its’ institution in my opinion. Single handed. Without a gay marriage in sight.

  1. “It’s unnatural.”

So is being a bigoted, racist, redneck homophobe and yet you’re allowed to roam around freely. Plus you drive a Holden. Your argument is invalid. Go hang out with the people from point 2. Something tells me you’ll fit right in with them.

  1. “If we let gay people get married it will let everyone think it’s ok and everyone will start doing it.”

That’s because being gay and getting married are both OK things to do. Oh you mean it will turn kids gay? Like a contagious disease? Or the latest hipster trend? Oh. Now I get it. I’ve done actual “scientific research” into this one on a recent trip to Melbourne. I am straight and had a very long, very boozy lunch/dinner with one gay girl and one gay guy. I was decidedly outnumbered.  And do you know what happened? I ate an amazingly great schnitty, drank more beers than I thought humanly possible, and I still rolled into my hotel bed as a straight girl. Did I have a fabulous time with people I love? Absolutely. Did they infect me with a gay bug? (*Blank look of disbelief across Lou’s face.*)  You go hang out with the kids in points 2 and 4 you special little person you.

Who are we seriously kidding?

Now this issue is something I am very, very passionate about. Very few things in life get me worked up to the point where I’ve thought about actually protesting in person outside buildings but this is certainly one of them. I am preparing my placards and tie-dyed t-shirt as we speak….

I have always known that I was straight. When some of my nearest and dearest have told me that they are gay/bisexual/lesbian/transgender/gender fluid I’ve never doubted that this was true for them also. They may have felt an overwhelming fear to hide their sexual identity from others but deep down they’ve always known what their sexual identity was. It’s not a lifestyle choice – it’s just who you are. It really is that plain and simple.

Finding a real and lasting love is tough. I couldn’t imagine anything more heart breaking than finding that person you want to spend the rest of your life with in wedded bliss and then being told you can’t just because they are the same gender as you. Talk about living in the dark ages. It makes me feel all kinds of ashamed to be a heterosexual in this wonderful country I call home. I am decidedly uncomfortable with the fact that I have a basic human right that’s being denied to others and that needs to change.

No ifs, buts or maybes.

Because the simple fact of life is that these people just want to be free to love and have that love recognised the same as everyone else’s love. How could that possibly undermine the fabric of our country?

It can’t.

Wake up Australia.


2 thoughts on “What the world needs now is love, sweet love

  1. The one gay wedding I have been to was one of the most moving events I’ve experienced in my life. I know it sounds a little extreme but I am literally forever grateful to the common sense and decency of the UK for making that day possible.

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